GPS Puzzle is a map puzzle game with severe weather conditions
and super fun power-ups like rakes and nitros.

Coming Soon for iPad!
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Central Park, New York in 3x3

50 States levels are under production

  • One well known place will be chosen from each state.

Ever tried to solve a puzzle on a cloudy day?
A fan might be of use!

More weather conditions and power-ups on the way!

  • Rain and Windshield Wiper
  • Snow and Snow Shovel

Better sight with a rake when it is windy.

Different Game Modes

  • Best Time
  • Snooze and Lose - You cannot stop. Ever.
  • 10 Seconds to Death - Don't stop more than 10 secs.

Nitro for a quick boost.

Various vehicles to choose from

  • Standard Car
  • Sports Car
  • Motorbike
  • Bicycle

You will learn and have fun with Fun Facts.

Even more action is planned for upcoming versions

  • New game mode- Police Chase
  • New power up - Warp Drive (Beam me up Scotty!)

5 different puzzle sizes.

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